About Us

ZMLS was established in 2011 by a group of doctors with vast experience in medical reporting and with clear understanding of the needs of the medico-legal industry and is now the fastest growing provider of medico-legal and rehabilitation services in the UK.
From its humble beginnings it has grown exponentially and is now ready to explore new horizons. Our network of doctors has expanded from 5 to over 2,500 doctors and from 10 instructing solicitors to over 120. Our unique approach which is based on our simple philosophy of “Big company with personal touch” together with our provision of services over a number of areas i.e. medical reporting for personal injury; criminal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease in conjunction with diagnostic, rehabilitative and occupational services has established our place in this industry and has allowed us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our instructors and their clients.

Our Service Partners

GRIP Technologies

GRIP Technologies (www.griptechnologies.co.uk) is the market leading, highly innovative medico-legal report writing software which is designed in direct consultation with medical experts, solicitors and insurers. It is very user friendly and helps experts to efficiently and accurately produce medico-legal reports which are fully compliant with the new Ministry of Justice (MOJ) format. ZMLS Ltd holds a service contract with Grip Technologies enabling us to provide the software to the experts on our panel completely free of charge.

Arthur Lawrence Accounting

Arthur Lawrence is a management consulting company with its focus on core business transformation and outsourcing functions for all industries. At Arthur Lawrence, our mission is to seek and work the growth in a multi-dimensional mode with our clients whilst improving business practices and setting forth the technology industry benchmark.’
Arthur Lawrence provides book keeping, accounting and management services to ZMLS and has assisted it to achieve a robust and effective business process system.

Our Ethos

Our prime focus is to through our extensive national network of clinics and rehabilitation centers to comprehensively look after the needs of instructing solicitors and their clients.

Mission statement

We aim to sustain our growth by maintaining our service ethos, implementing our forward thinking and innovative approach and high service standards and at all times keeping solicitors, their clients and the medical experts whom we instruct on their behalf at the heart of our processes.